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IE11 / Firefox
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Symantec SWV
Our latest Qompat Spine Application resolves your migration and virtualisation compatibility issues swiftly and effectively
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Application Portfolio Readiness

Qompat offers both cloud and hybrid solutions so you can rest assured that your data is being managed sensitively and securely. Our products and services are designed to be flexible and scalable so you can customise them to suit your requirements.


The first step in the process is for the diagnostic element in our software to assess all your applications in terms of compatibility, suitability and quality.

Will your applications work on your targeted platforms? Notably Windows 7 or 8, Server 2003 or 2012, 64-Bit platforms, or Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.

What Virtualisation platforms are right for your applications? Such as Microsoft App-V, Symantec SWV, VMWare ThinApp, or Citrix XenApp.

Does your application have the correct settings for your target environment? Particularly in terms of industry and corporate best practices; and regional or department settings.


Having identified any issues, our software enables you to automatically fix and update your applications.

Our software’s unique capabilities incorporate bulk loading, assessing, and fixing, a complete Transaction Log for all activity, and full support for Microsoft Installer changes such as MSI, MST, and MSP.


Automatically convert your applications to your desired Virtualisation format.

Supported formats include:

TwoMicrosoft App-V
TwoSymantec SWV
TwoVMWare ThinApp
TwoCitrix XenApp

For more information, and the opportunity to try it out for yourself, register your details here:

to simplify application lifecycle management

At Qompat we are dedicated to helping organisations install, configure, and deploy their applications across the enterprise on all platforms. Our automated, time and cost-effective application serves as a migration accelerator, that assesses, remediates, and converts your applications, via secure cloud and hybrid storage solutions.


We are now implementing our Beta Program, and would like to invite you to be one of our testers.

Taking part couldn’t be easier. Once you sign up, you will be sent a link to access the online application. There will be a sample project installed for you to experiment with. You may then upload apps (with a maximum size of 100MB each) from your desktop or mobile device, and run the following reports on them:

Microsoft App-V
IE 11
Server 2003/2012

Sign up for our Beta version


Greg Lambert, Qompat’s Founder and chairman, has a regular column on Computer World where he discusses software patching and application management. Read his latest posts here:


Greg Lambert


Greg Lambert is the Founder, Chairman and product evangelist for Qompat. His role is to drive and spearhead Qompat’s vision and business development. Greg is a cofounder of ChangeBASE and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.

Chris Rimmer


Chris Rimmer is a co­founder, COO and self­appointed 'culture officer' of Qompat. Chris has a background in financial services, having worked in various senior management roles for global FTSE companies, including Credit Suisse and Man Group.

Darwin Sanoy


Darwin loves to devise robust tools that tackle the complex problems facing IT pros every day. A systems thinker by nature, Darwin revels in the intricate thinking required to build practical and effective solutions. Darwin is a recognised leader in application management and he writes, speaks, blogs, trains, consults (and sometimes dreams) about applications.

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